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Open Friday April 18: 11am - 3pm

Closed Saturday April 19


10-round S&W MP22 and MP9 mags have just arrived!

These have been near impossible to find, and at non-gouge prices!

S&W MP22 mags: $29.95 each                  S&W MP9 mags $39.95 each

Special offer thru Friday April 18th:  4 or more mix/match: 10% discount!

That brings prices down on MP22 mags $26.95 each, MP9 mags $35.95 each!


In stock now

Hornady 9mm XTP $19.95/25rd box

Magtech .38spec Semi Jacketed HP $29.95/box

Hornady 22 Mag V-Max $16.95/50rd box

Winchester .40 Hollow Point $38.95/50rd box

Tula 7.62x39 $8.50/box  FMJ and HP available

Federal Fusion 6.8 SPC Soft Point $28.95/box

Hornady 5.45x39 V-Max $29.95/50rd box

Hornady 7.62x39 SST $44.95/50rd box

Federal American Eagle 5.7x28  $27.95/50rd box

Federal American Eagle .223 $10.95/box

Federal American Eagle .308 FMJ $24.95/box

Remington Core-Lokt .30-06 150gr $23.95/box


Link: More ammo of interest

Ammunition has proven to be the most important commodity.

It always has been; always will. Ammo shortage may continue

thru 2014 with closure of the last lead smelting plant Dec 2013.

Plan and act now. Don't ever be caught up in another frantic

rush and overpay for ammunition, mags, guns, spare parts!

Handgun purchases require 'notarized training certificate' and a two week waiting period.

Rifles and shotguns require a longgun permit. No one wants to deal with these procedures

but they are required and must be done along with filling out Federal fm 4473 upon pickup.

For rifles/shotguns: It takes two weeks to get a longgun permit and then it's good for a year.


Military semiauto rifles and service pistols are overflowing distributor inventories.

Spare mags for many popular semiauto pistols are gradually becoming available.

5.56/.223 and 7.62/.308 are calibers that have notably improved in availability.

.22, .380, 9mm, .40, .38, .357, .44 still tough to procure in any sizable quantity.

Important calibers such as .243, .270 and .30-30 are still very slow in production.

This is why I and many others curse the ammunition industry and believe they are full of it-

manufacturers claim they are 'working around the clock' and 'making as much as possible'

since 2012 and 2013. Overall supply was (and is) still virtually non-existent since significant tapering off of demand from general population from 2013 July. There has been a major flood

of firearms from fall of 2013 increasingly till now, spring 2014. People are NOT buying out the

massive inventories of firearms from distributors and further discounting and gimmick deals

are being offered by gun manufacturers, which proves people are NOT buying. Consumers

would not believe some of the amazing deals being offered to entice dealers to overstock.

This huge offset of so many guns but no ammo is puzzling and stupid of gun manufacturers.

They really must be doing well to make and distribute excessive guns for the last 6 months.

Even more stupid is obvious excess of .223/5.56. What are Federal and Winchester doing?

They need to stop making excess of that caliber and produce .22, 9mm, .38, .357 for starters.

It sure seems like ammo manufacturers aren't focusing on what calibers are really needed.

There are incredible numbers of .22 caliber firearms overflowing at distributors.

Do gun manufacturers know something the public doesn't? There's hundreds; thousands

of guns like basic ($250~$350) Ruger 10/22s (where the #$%* were they 5 years ago?!?!),

ATI, Umarex, Carl Walther (SW MP22), Sig 1911-22 (and more that type), S&W M&P15-22s,

Savage, Ruger 22/45 MKIII and way too many of the finicky Sig Mosquitos & Walther P22s.

Are the manufacturers truly that out of touch with the market reality? (longtime distributor

reps tell me it sure looks that way) Or will there be an exciting increase of .22 ammo soon? Those steadily in firearms for at least 10 years would be able to attest to this observation. Regardless of all this drama, consumers need to be smart to secure ammo when they can.



7.62x39 bargain Tula / Wolf ammo to domestic brass-cased offerings have quickly

disappeared in one week from heightened frenzy of shops and consumers due to

current events in Ukraine. Magazines for the AKs too. [and I have been warning

everyone for several years to be prepared for this kind of international situation]

The only 7.62x39 found available in some quantity is costlier domestic ammo

labels such as Federal American Eagle, Hornady Steel V-Max and Winchester.

These are quality loads above Russian ammo we've been used to for decades -

but what happens when cheap ammo is not available? This is why I kept telling

everyone to secure cases of ammo before finding themselves in this situation.


Now there is absolute certainty that the once-celebrated, low-priced and often

taken-for-granted Russian imported ammo is basically gone. The party is over.

Expected incremental price increases have begun from importers and sellers.

Those who snoozed and didn't heed my advice to buy caselots of such cheap

ammo since the reappearance of it fall of 2013 will now pay increasingly more

for these. Everyone (including me) thought AKs to be the best bargain combo

- and for decades, guns in 5.45x39 and 7.62x39 indeed seemed 'the best deals'.

Not anymore.  With several points topped off by this importation development,

decisions and logical shifts in focus need to be made for gun / caliber choices.

Importers and some distributors will be offering steel-cased ammo strategically

with mild price increases as months continue, and started to sell inferior ammo.


Anyone needing 5.45x39 and 7.62x39 have some options for now:

Hornady 5.45x39  $30/box of 50rds steel cased, V-Max tipped bullets

Hornady 7.62x39  $45/box of 50rds steel cased, SST

Fiocchi 7.62x39  $18/box of 20rds brass cased, FMJ

Federal American Eagle 7.62x39  $24/box of 20rds brass cased, FMJ


Firearms inventory is prioritized by track record and calibers that make sense,
not products that divert people from the path they need to take in the first place.

Being able to help others gain confidence with guns is more important than ever.

Introduce simple, common guns first - making it easier to build up others' abilities.

- Firearms for target & defense -

- Price, Perception, Practicality -


Jump to key references in this website:

Firearms Registration Procedures

Firearms and Equipment Recommendations

Rants & Raves: Interesting Industry Notes

Musings & Observations: Facts to Consider

Firearm Finishes and 2year AK Abuse Test

Building Up AR-15s: Pricing and Examples

Optimizing AKs: worthwhile enhancements

Ammunition of Interest / Uncommon Ammo

Proven, Cost Effective Scopes Inventory

Surefire Lights and Related Inventory


*    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *

Predictable changes and continual evolution of firearms business and regulations nationwide should have been observed by consumers in just the last 5 years.

Anyone wanting to be better prepared should have begun or already be completed

to solidifying their procurement of defensive firearms and necessary equipment.

Defensive fighting, disarm/counter drills, emergency rehearsals and procedures

should be prioritized few hours weekly instead of claiming "there's no spare time".

Without firearms, you'd better be capable of violent, decisive action.

With firearms, you still need to be capable of violent, decisive action.

Otherwise, we become another statistic.

There will be more problems in society. There will be more anti-gun proposals.

There will be passage of more restrictive, illogical firearm laws that any thinking

person would agree does nothing to protect the law-abiding in any way at all.

In the end, it is up to you to protect yourself, your family and other Americans.

911 will not do it.  Being in denial won't help.  Believing lies will not help either. 

When the next big shooting atrocity happens in the nation and lawmakers with

personal bodyguards and near-immune status dictate the newest restriction on

your right to defend yourself, demand will outrun supply and prices will rise again.

It's obvious firearm ownership is being attacked effectively thru ammo shortages -

and it doesn't look like it can ever return to normal like it was two years ago. Smart

people will prepare for future contingencies; if nothing happens, ammo keeps well.

If more difficulties arise, unprepared people will pay anything for needed supplies.

Get prepared now; don't find yourself in shortages & buying frenzy like Jan 2013.

*    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *

The final symbol of freedom in America is the right to own firearms.

People are becoming aware of the importance of firearms. What makes sense to buy

are proven and common items that also have attainable prices & value for everyone.

Items in this category will also be simple and conveniently fit many families' budgets.

Obtain longgun permits. Stock up on mags and ammo when you can; don't put it off.

Complete requirements for handgun certification. Get defined, aggresive training.

- Link: Practical thinking and practical firearms to procure -

EVERYONE's priorities should be: strengthen NRA and your state's local NRA

organizations, get practical firearms that make sense and can be easily taught

to family and friends. That is what matters and makes a difference for America.

Firearms Inventory, main listing

(qty) in purple: arriving in a week   (qty) in light green: in stock now   (qty) in black: sold in last 24hrs

Handguns, Rifles, Shotguns pictured on their pages are for reference and may not be in stock.

in inventory list below:  - link to report -  click for a featured shooting and usage test report

also in sections below:  - pictures -  click for link for inventory sample pictures per category

** pictures on linked pages are for reference only; current inventory and pricing may vary **


AR-15s: - pictures -

Spikes stripped lowers (5) - build ARs! -

Spikes stripped lowers Punisher (4)

Spikes complete lowers (2)

Aero stripped lowers for pistol builds (2)

Aero stripped uppers (2)

Spikes complete 9"BAR rail upper (1)

CMMG 14.5"+Phantom flttp upper (1)

Spikes Tactical 16" flttp upper (1)

Spikes complete 12"MI rail package (1)

POF 16" Omega railed rifle (1)

Double Star 16" M4 (1)

S&W M&P-15 16" Sport (1)

Colt 901 .308 convertible 5.56 (1)

 -very few avail, highly anticipated rifle-

Lever Action rifles: - pictures -

Henry .22, walnut, 16" youth (0)

Marlin .30-30, walnut, 20" barrel (0)

Bolt Action rifles: - pictures -

Remington 700 SPS .30-06 (0)

Remington 700 SPS .308 (0)

Shotguns: - pics -

Mossberg 500 12ga 18" (0)

Mossberg 12ga -w/Magpul SGA- (1)

Remington 870 12ga -current model- (0)

- Saiga drums, points to consider -

Semiauto .22 rifles: - pictures -

Ruger 10/22 blue, synthetic stock (0)

Ruger 10/22 stainless, takedown (1)

*distr. exclusive: hiviz, 16" flash hider*

Bullpup rifles:

IWI TSB16 blk 16" (0)

FN FS2000 blk 17" (0)

AK-47 variants - pictures -

Arsenal SGL26 7.62x39 (0) -pics-

1911 Handguns:

Colt Govt Wilson/Robar .45acp (1)

Kimber Ultra CDP II .45acp (1)


Rossi 2" .38 (1)

Ruger LCR 2" .22mag (1)

S&W model 642 Pro Series 1.75" .38 (0)

S&W model 686  4" .357 (0)

S&W model 27 6" .357 75th Anniv (1)

S&W BG 1.75" .38 (0) - link to report -

Ruger model LCR 1.75" .357 (0) -report-

Semiauto .22 pistols:

300rds avail per .22 purchased

S&W MP22 4"(1) - link to report -

S&W MP22 mags are in stock!

Ruger 22/45 MKIII 5.5" (1)

Dedicated .22LR mil rifles -pics-

300rds avail per .22 purchased

Umarex HK MP5 (0) - link to report -

Umarex MP Uzi (1)

ATI STG44-22 (1)

ISSC MK22 fde (1)

S&W M&P15-22 Magpul (1)

S&W M&P15-22 Purple Platinum (1)

Glock Handguns: - pictures -

G34 Gen4 9mm (0)

G17 Gen4 9mm (2) cash $569

G19 Gen4 9mm (1) prepay $569

G26 Gen4 9mm (0)

G35 Gen4 .40 (0) -conversion brls-

G22 Gen4 .40 (0) -conversion brls-

G23 Gen4 .40 (0) -conversion brls-

G27 Gen4 .40 (0) -conversion brls-

G21 Gen4 .45 acp (0)

G30 Gen4 .45 acp (0)

G42 .380 new for 2014! (1)

Glock factory mags in stock:

models G26, G27, G23, G22

Other polymer handguns:

S&W M&P .40 (0) -conversion brls-

S&W M&P 4" 9mm (1)

S&W M&P9 mags are in stock!

S&W M&P Pro Core 4" 9mm (0)

Sprgfld XD .40 (0) -conversion brls-

FN FNX-9mm (1)

Beretta Handguns: - pictures -

Beretta 92FS 9mm (0)

Beretta M9 9mm (0)

Sig Handguns: - pictures -

P226 9mm 25th Commemorative (1)

P226 9mm MK25 (0)

P226 9mm G10, nites, SRT (1)

P226 .40 standard (0)

Sig mags avail: P226 9 &.40, P229 .40



Featured firearms:


Glock 17 Gen4 9mm  Cash $569

Proven Glock 17 Generation 4. Three 10rd mags.

$569 cash price thru Fri 18th!

Glock 42 .380 newest model  $450

Two 6rd mags, will include box of .380 ammo.

Ideal proportionate size for its caliber!  retail $480


Smith & Wesson M&P duo  $925


Straightforward and simple; get these two handguns to help introduce shooting to family and friends -

and to have two proven firearms for fun and defensive needs. Each includes 2 mags and carry cases.

Separately: S&W MP22 w/ 2 mags $425, S&W MP9 w/ 2 mags $540.   Package savings: $40!

FN SCAR 17S 7.62x51/.308  $2,950

Rarely seen or found in stock, Fabrique Nationale's 7.62x51 (.308) SCAR 17S, retail $3,350.

Continuous receiver picatinny rail, folding iron sights, buttstock folds and is adjustable for length-of-pull.


Front detail of gas piston plug and front sight stowed.  Rear sight stowed and buttstock folded and latched.


Left and right side views with stock folded.  Having a side folding and adjustable stock is a big advantage.

20rd mags in stock at $41.95 each.

Colt 901 Modular Carbine 7.62x51/.308  $2,595

Very few of these Colts available; long-awaited innovation in a cost-effective convertible AR platform!

Monolithic forend upper receiver, Vortex flash hider, Vltor stock, ambi bolt release, ambi mag release.

Colt 'Modular Carbine' rollmark

new type Colt locking front sight

a press of the button unlocks folding sight

right side receiver view of Colt 901

detail of upper and lower halves hinged open

Simple answer to the question of making this

Colt rifle convertible from .308 to .223/5.56:

Mag/lower adaptor, buffer and spring pack

is included with rifle. Conversion with any .223/5.56 upper takes only a minute or two.

Colt 901 Modular Carbine lower shown with a basic 5.56 upper

(typical scoped application for target, varmint, predator hunting)

S&W M&P15-22 w/ 3 mags  $595

It's time again for the winning deal on MP15-22s!  Magpul version with three mags!  Package ret $649.


300rd .22lr ammo pack available ($20) for purchasers of .22 caliber rifles or pistols at $400 or higher.

ISSC MK22 w/ 2 mags  $649

Austria ISSC MK22 .22lr Desert Sand / flat dark earth, retail with 2 mags $749.

{.22lr 300rd pack and more mags have been reserved for purchaser of this rifle}


Mossberg 500 12ga Breacher Magpul  $549

Mossberg's 500 with exclusive breacher barrel and Magpul furniture. Ret $655.

Remember Jan thru May 2013 how sellers were gouging on everyday AR-15s and receivers?

I never overpriced them.  Be forewarned; get these NOW before something does happen.

Complacency and presumption 'all is quiet on gun issues' will bite us hard when it's too late.

Spikes Tactical stripped lowers special: 3 or more, $100 each!

Spikes lower, no color fill: $110

Spikes lower, Zombie: $110

Spikes lower, Punisher: $110

Aero Precision - for pistol builds $105

- link: lower parts kits, stock parts and improved trigger groups available and on sale -

mil-spec buttstock tubes, buffers, springs, etc in stock to complete your project!

Do the math: combine a lower and an upper to score a great deal on an AR-15!

Don't wait; what if something happens next week???

You want to wait in lines, stress over guns, mags and ammo; pay higher prices?

Spikes complete lower  $295

CMMG 14.5"+ Phantom flash hider complete upper  $695

These are a rarity, and desirable configuration with shortest overall barrel length for Title 1 rifles.

Phantom flash hider is far more effective in flash reduction over A2 birdcage pattern.  Retail $730.

(And, in this barrel configuration, standard M7/M9 bayonets will lock on FH unlike 16" M4 barrels.)

Spikes Tactical 16" complete upper  w/ 9"free float rail  $775

Always backordered; Spike's upper with very well made 9" rail. Incredible deal on this upper.

Includes a QD sling swivel (5 mounting sockets on this rail!) and 3 ladder rail covers.

Spikes Tactical 12" railed M4  $1,090

Spikes 14.5" barrel + Phantom flash hider, Midwest Industries 12" rail.  Retail $1,160.


Deal includes BCM Gunfighter charging handle.  Permanently attached YHM Phantom flash hider.

The strengthened BCM charging handle is $45, Phantoms are $30.  Quality parts are worth it!

S&W M&P 15 Sport 5.56  $695

Amazing deal on a complete AR in 5.56/.223; how can the price be so low?

Why does it cost less than $800, $900 or $1,000+ complete ARs?

S&W M&P 15 Sport

No forward assist or ejection port door on upper

Majority of standard AR-15s

Upper has forward assist and ejection port door

No M4 contour barrel ahead of front sight tower

Exterior and interior Melonite (less cost than -->)

M4 contour (M203 mounting reduction) barrel

Exterior phosphated, interior chrome lined bore

No heat shields in handguards

Has heat shields in handguards

Internal machining of lower is simpler

Lower has raised boss on internal machining

Integral trigger guard (less machining steps to do)

Standard trigger guard for majority of receivers



Daniel Defense M4 V1 Lightweight 5.56  $1,595   Sold Out 

Version 1: M4A1 FSP 12.0 rail, new design flash hider and front sight, solid A1 fixed rear sight,

 lightweight barrel.  Retail $1,799.  - Efficient and proper lighting options for railed handguards -



Arsenal Saiga SGL21-61 7.62x39  $950  w/5rd mag   Sold Out

Disclaimers on the Arsenal manual...

One of the best deals in the industry; built on Russian receivers and with solid American parts by Arsenal

'great track record excellent fit and finish' among many AKs being offered in the US. - link: Arsenal AKs -

If comparing Arsenal to the $550 Romanian AKs; note: Arsenal fire control parts vs Tapco G2 parts,

excellent polymer furniture with lower handguard heatshield+upper handguard tensioner vs plywood,

rust-resistant finish on exterior steel vs plain bluing of steel, one-piece machined brake vs slant brake.

As it always has been in the world of AKs, a rifle's characteristics rightfully determine the rifle's price.

Romanian GP WASR rifle  -Increasing QC issues with Century GP/WASR-10/63 AKs-


Arsenal's rust-resistant coating, clean machining, polymer furniture vs Romanian blued rough finish, wood.


Romanian basic handguards vs Arsenal's tensioned (-->) upper handguard and heatshield lower handguard.

Romanian slant brake, 45 deg gas block vs Arsenal's one-piece machined muzzle brake, 90 deg gas block.


Romanian vs Arsenal view inside receiver, Romanian rough machined bolt carrier vs Arsenal's bolt carrier.



Ammunition of Interest

Important and valuable 9mm - especially with what's been going on since 2012

and what's happening with ammo availability - what does it matter what kind of

9mm ammo you buy? If you can't use many varieties with your chosen handgun

then that gun wasn't the best choice! (or just be willing to use any 9mm ammo!)


Hornady steel cased 5.45x39, 60gr V-Max

$29.95 / 50rd box ($31 retail)

Hornady steel cased 7.62x39, 123gr V-Max

$44.95 / 50rd box ($46 retail)

A new twist on US-manufactured ammunition: very interesting especially with many AR companies

(Olympic Arms, Adams Arms, Smith & Wesson, LWRC, Bushmaster, Spikes Tactical and others)

promoting their 5.45x39 or 7.62x39 uppers - some have been selling them for more than 5 years.

So, it isn't only AK rifles and Russian ammuniton - American companies have gotten into it as well.

Where are all the naysayers now? "Steel cases not good; causes catastrophic failures, etc etc..."

How about steel cased 9, 40, 45, 223, 308 introduced from Hornady in summer/fall of 2011?

Be careful when reading overflowing reports from companies & internet know-it-alls that constantly

speak of using (mild-to-full) corrosive 5.45x39 in their AR uppers and how gas pistons eliminate (!)

carbon and gas fouling in upper receivers so you should buy their/a gas piston system upper etc etc,

WHAT BUNK. first: just buy current production Wolf/Tula/Bear 5.45x39 which is not corrosive.

second: remember that ANY semiauto has an action that must unlock, vent and eject spent cases.

third: review these pictures of gas piston systems and note how much crud still gets everywhere!! 

current production steel cased 5.56 / .223, 5.45x39, 7.62x39 is not expensive and far better than

"nickel-and-diming" with decades-earlier 'cheap' corrosive ammo. Rejoice with your reliable rifle.

Link to an outstanding and very extensive report on brass-vs-steel-cased ammunition

with so many results in thorough detail that cover expected AND unexpected findings


Hornady Zombie Max Ammunition

What? Ridiculous! Insane! Crazy, out-of-their-minds,

how-do-we-take-them-seriously . . .  my thoughts too.

Regardless, it sure is cool. Marketing geniuses made a bold

left-field move with release of this ammunition October 2011!

 - Link to Hornady's Zombie Max website - you gotta read their disclaimer. It is incredibly amusing. -


Hornady Z-Max:  in stock calibers in green

9mm 115gr

$26 / 25rds

.223 55gr
$25 / 20rds
.308 168gr

$41 / 20rds

.30-30 160gr

$33 / 20rds

12ga OO Buck

$16 / 10rds

7.62x39mm 123gr

$23 / 20rds steel cases

.45acp 185gr

$30 / 20rds

.40cal 165gr

$28 / 20rds


An addition to the industry's Zombie fanaticism:

- Link to Musings and Observations page - Sabre Zombie Pepper Spray -

How true... "your gun is no good without ammo..."


Federal 7.62x39 124gr FMJ, $23.95/20rd box

reloadable brass cases

S&B 7.62x39 123gr FMJ, $17.95/20rd box

reloadable brass cases

Magtech .45 GlockAutoPistol 230gr $37/50rds

Winchester .357 Sig 125gr FMJ $42/50rds

Magtech USA .30 carbine SP $40/50rd box

Privi Partisan .303 150gr Soft Point $24.95/box

S&B 8x57 196gr JS Soft Point $26.95/bx

S&B 6.5x55 131gr Soft Point $27.95/bx

S&B 7x57 173gr Soft Point $24.95/box

Sellier & Bellot 7.62x54R SP, $26.95/ 20rd box



Proven scopes kept in inventory - Simmons, Bushnell, Leupold

- link - Trijicon optics: on Specials page

Simmons 3-9x40 duplex reticle

$60   retail $80

Simmons 4-12x44 side focus adj obj, duplex

$145   retail $175

Bushnell AR/22 2-7x32, side focus, 22 bdc

$155   retail $210

Bushnell AR/223 3-9x40, side focus, 223 bdc

$185   retail $255

Leupold Mark AR 3-9x40 P5, mil dot, 223 bdc

$375   retail $440

Leupold Mark AR 4-12x40 P5, mil dot, 223 bdc

$540   retail $625

Basic cost-effective AR flattop scope mount

Thumbscrews to lock down mount;  $55

American Defense AR flattop scope mount

Adjustable-width throwlevers;  $185

Burris PEPR mount for flattop ARs

Includes picatinny ring tops;  $95

PEPR accommodates short front-to-rear length

scopes that may not fit in other fixed ring mounts

Not to worry; using scopes with any magnification above 3X will ghost out images of front sight tower

Proper height is built into majority of flattop mounts

so most folding rear sights will clear scope eyepiece


Surefire Products are #1 for a reason!! Many models and support items in stock!!

- Everyday pricing on Surefire lights: 10% off retail prices on Surefire's website -

G2Z, M600 Scout, AA Outdoorsman, Xseries Tactical, LED Defender, Xseries Pro, Stratum, G, X400, X300


  G2X Tactical in Black, Tan, Foliage Green.  Stratum, Exective series LED Defender, AAbatt Outdoorsman.


6PX Pro (High 200 / Low 15 lumen power modes)          Fury (one setting: very high power 500 lumens) 

Surefire and Related Inventory includes:

Surefire LED Lights

  G2Z Rogers Grip Ring

  6PX Tactical

  G2X Tactical

  P2X Fury Tactical, 500 lumens

  P2X Fury Defender

  E2 Outdoorsman (Two AA batt)

  Stratum, 3 intenstity modes

Red Lenses

  F05  (fits Executives)

  F33  true infrared filters

  F26  (fits 6P, 9P, Z series)

Fenix LED gadget lights

  LD01 (One AAA batt) 2 modes

  LD12 (One AA batt) 4 modes

  LD22 (Two AA batt) 4 modes

  E11 (One AA batt) 2 modes

  E21 (Two AA batt) 2 modes


Replacement Incandescent Bulbs

  MN01 - Executive E1e  15 lumen

  MN03 - Executive E2e  60 lumen

  MA02 - Aviator A2  50 lumen

  R30 - 3P  15 lumen

  P60 - 6P, Z2, G2 Series  60 lumen

  P61 - 6P, Z2, G2 Series  120 lumen

  P90 - 9P, Z3 Series  105 lumen

  P91 - 9P, Z3 Series  200 lumen

Handgun/Rail Mount Weaponlights

  Surefire models X300, X400

  Remote DG switches for X300, X400

  Remote switches for Scout lights

  Scout Light 1 or 2 cell systems

Mounting SureFire lights

  Vltor Rail-mounts - 4 models

  Tac Star remote cord switches

  SureFire Barrel mount model M16


Batteries, Lithium 3V

  Surefire (packs of 12)


  V70  (for P and Z series)

  V72  (for M series)

  BladeTech (P and Z series)

Spares Carriers

  SC1  (for P and Z bulbs)

  SC2  (for M bulbs)

  SC3  (Aviator, Executive)

Reeline Nylon Pouches

  C0-60 : M3, Blkhwk Gladius

  C0-34 : 8NX, BlkhwkGladius

  C0-94 : 9P

  C0-63 : 6P, Z2, G2

  C0-153 : A2, E2L

  C0-124 : E2e


Fenix LED lights - keychain, bag, purse, car, travel, utility, work, etc...


Two-mode lights:   E21  $30    E11  $23          Four-mode lights:   LD22  $57    LD12  $50

Great LED lights for all-purpose use, takes standard AA batteries.

Many shooting accessories and cleaning/maintenance items available


Magpul accessories, shotgun ammo carriers, Harris bipods, Ergo and Blue Force accessories, pepper spray


Surefire and Fenix lights, Hoppes boresnakes, cleaning accessories, HKS speedloaders, Blackhawk, Fobus

Pepper Spray: Get Some

Pepper Spray: get it for family and friends; it's affordable non-lethal defense!

prices range from $7 to $17


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